Great Sankey High School and Barrow Hall College operate a fully cashless catering service.

All lunch money is added to your child’s account using your Wisepay account login. Wisepay is accessible, via all devices by going to the Useful Links page of this website and clicking on the Wisepay icon and logging in in the usual way. The link can also be found here.

Every student was issued with password details when they arrived at school. To request a password reminder please email Include your child/ children’s names, forms and confirm the email address you would like set up. These requests will be actioned as soon as possible via email.

As well as using this desktop service, you can also use the WisePay App. The advantages of the App are that parents can store their card details (each card will need to be stored against each bank account that you use to take online payments), this will speed up checkout and also provides a ‘quick top up’ option for cashless catering. Once logged in to the App, parents do not need to log in again.

The desktop and mobile version of the WisePay Service will remain, the App is an additional option for parents. The App is available for download now from the Google and Apple app stores (search WisePay) but parents require a unique ‘Organisation Code’ to activate the App on their mobile.

WisePay APP Organisation Code = 68671163

To help you get started please find links below to WisePay user guides.

Cashless Catering

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Changes in your child’s details

Please be aware that updating Wisepay DOES NOT update the schools centrally held record, SIMs. You must still inform the school in writing, via your child`s House Office, of all changes to yours/ your child`s details so that they can update the SIMs record accordingly or on the SIMS Parent App if you are registered.