Remote desktop is provided for staff and students to logon to a full school desktop with staffshare, classwork, home drives and all the standard applications that are available within school.  It is not necessary to use Remote Desktop if you only wish to access email.  This can be accessed by logging in to Office.comAdditionally, Remote Desktop is an asset not a requirement for home work etc.  Should it be unavailable, materials can be transferred to and from home using One Drive or a USB drive.

Windows PC/Laptop

  1. Download the RDP shortcut to your home desktop (you must unzip the downloaded folder):
  2. Double click the shortcut
  3. Log in as ‘EDU\username’


  1. Download the Microsoft RD Client app
  2. In the app, choose ‘Add Remote Resource Feed’ (plus icon top right)
  3. Enter the following details:
  4. Feed URL:
  5. Username: Your user (EDU\username) and password
  6. Then click the RDS link and login as normal