It is our great pleasure to welcome you to Great Sankey High School, where we are looking forward to working with you in supporting your child’s education over the next seven years and encouraging them to Dare for Greatness.

Whilst our Transition Programme may look very different to previous years due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and current restrictions, please be rest assured that our absolute priority is to help support you and your child and alleviate any concerns you may have around transition, as well as gathering as much useful information about your child as possible.

Summer School: Children due to start with us at Great Sankey High School in September have been offered a place on our summer school transition programme. Please see the Transition Summer School Letter further down this page for more details. 

Dates are Monday 23rd August - Friday 27th August, 9.30am - 2.30pm

Summer School Report

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Transition Passport: Please complete your Transition Passport with your parent / carer in as much detail as possible.
This information about you will be shared with your Head of House and Form Tutor in preparation for your arrival at GSHS.
The more info we have about you in advance, the easier it is for us to build positive relationships with you and support you in taking your place in Year 7.We look forward to seeing you very soon!

You can access your Transition Passport below: 

Transition Passport

Admissions Data Collection and Medical Information Booklet

Here you can find a link to our newly created online Admissions Data Collection and Medical Information Booklet.

We ask that this be completed as fully and accurately as possible, as this information is important to us to ensure we have accurate emergency contact details and medical information for your child, as well as ensuring that we are compliant from a GDPR perspective.

If you have any queries or concerns surrounding your child’s transition to GSHS which you wish to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact our Transition Team via email at

Transition Information

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Year 6 Tour 

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To best support your child’s transition to Great Sankey High School, we have linked resources below from the Starting Secondary School section of the BBC, who have partnered with Young Minds in developing the Find Your Feet project.

There are resources for you to discover with your child, video links to watch together and top tips for your child to support them, especially at this challenging time.

You will also find specific sections and top tips just for parents, as this stage of your child’s education and transition can be equally as daunting for parents!

Starting Secondary School: BBC Bitesize has peer-to-peer advice for students and parents which can be found here:

Young Minds Parent Top Tips: Advice on how to support your child during transition to High School and other times of change or difficulty.

Parents Survival Guide: Parenting isn’t always easy. Although it’s often amazing and rewarding to watch your children grow, and to help them learn to be independent, it can also be really hard work.