It is our great pleasure to welcome you to Great Sankey High School, where we are looking forward to working with you in supporting your child’s education over the next seven years and encouraging them to Dare for Greatness.

Transition Passport

Please complete your Transition Passport with your parent / carer in as much detail as possible. This information about you will be shared with your Head of House and Form Tutor in preparation for your arrival at GSHS. The more info we have about you in advance, the easier it is for us to build positive relationships with you and support you in taking your place in Year 7.We look forward to seeing you very soon!

You can access your Transition Passport below:

Admissions Data Collection and Medical Information Booklet

Here you can find a link to our newly created online Admissions Data Collection and Medical Information Booklet.

We ask that this be completed as fully and accurately as possible, as this information is important to us to ensure we have accurate emergency contact details and medical information for your child, as well as ensuring that we are compliant from a GDPR perspective.

If you have any queries or concerns surrounding your child’s transition to GSHS which you wish to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact our Transition Team via email at

School Transport

We are pleased to advise that Warrington Borough Council is making the Home to School transport process more streamlined and accessible for all with our online service.

Please see the below link to the Website where the online form is located: 



Transition Information 2022

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