Welcome from Head of College

“Here at Barrow Hall College our staff are fully committed to ensuring every student reaches their full potential, leaving us at the end of year 13 as confident, well-rounded individuals. We will get to know you very well, learning your strengths alongside your goals and future ambitions and will do everything in our power to get you there. 

Knowing you as an individual and how you learn best is key to your success and the relationships which exist between students and staff create a college community where each student is valued and can therefore flourish.  At Barrow Hall College no student is just a number.

Choosing the right college and courses is a daunting task and we hope we can make the journey as smooth as possible for you. Our dedicated heads of year and experienced college tutors are here to guide you through the process and offer you all the information, advice and guidance you need to make an informed choice.

We are a college with high aspirations for our students and for ourselves, engaging with both student and parent feedback to continuously improve our provision and student outcomes. Only this year we have extended our Aspiring Professionals Programme, added a Careers Training Zone Programme and further expanded our staffing to include a college learning and safeguarding mentor. 

I am exceptionally proud to be Head of Barrow Hall College and look forward to welcoming you as a student in September as we go from strength to strength.”

Helen Stones
Head of College




Welcome from College Presidents

“The transition from high school to college can seem to be a daunting one. You need to consider so many different things before finally deciding on this important step. From my personal experience, I can assure you that Barrow Hall College will support you every step of the way, making sure the move to college is as smooth and easy as possible. 

I have quickly come to recognise that if you choose to study here, you will experience the inclusive, fun atmosphere that we all enjoy.  Everyone is so friendly and there is a mutual respect between students and teachers with a great Pastoral team to support you too.

The college promotes respect and diversity and represents all our students, doing everything possible to allow each student to realise their potential and help them achieve their goals. By studying here and embracing all that is on offer to you, not only will you achieve great things for yourself, but you will also feel part of something very special.

It is my pleasure to welcome to you Barrow Hall College for our open evening, and we hope to see you in September 2023 to continue your journey here with us and be part of our community.”

Aylish – College President

“Barrow Hall College holds the core values of opportunity, dedication and unity while creating a supportive, comfortable and ambitious atmosphere. 

My role as College President is to represent the student body by providing a voice to the students in addition to providing a warm and caring environment to all in an approachable, caring manner. I feel it is vital to embrace the empowering spirit we have here at Barrow Hall College and I firmly believe no other college is able to provide the togetherness Barrow Hall does. 

It is an integral part of the college to encourage each student to involve themselves in the vast array of enrichment schemes and opportunities available. This also allows students to discover their potential by finding a passion for something they truly value. 

Barrow Hall also plays a key part in providing you with the next steps of your journey like providing work experience opportunities to help decide on future careers or even gain invaluable knowledge which can be discussed in your personal statement. This is something I believe due to the closeness at Barrow Hall would not be provided by any other college.” 

Megan -College President