This year, we would like you to take part in our exciting Summer project: ’’Our Theme Park”.

There are 6 tasks to complete, starting from Task 1: design your own theme park, to Task 6: make your own ride.

There are designated worksheets for each task, so it is clear which ones you will need to use for each section.

Throughout the project, you will undertake the designing of your very own park. Such as, what rides and amenities you need for your park, through to the marketing and advertising of your theme park.

However, the ultimate challenge lies in the final task, where you will hopefully take a ride yourself through your own physical creation.

If you get the opportunity to take a photograph of your ride, please place it with your completed work so, in September,  you can share your Summer project with your peers and Form Tutor.

Remember, the key thing is to have fun, and enjoy yourself – we look forward to seeing your wonderful creations.

Download the project here:

Theme Park Project´╗┐