Sora is a website and app that works like a digital library. There is now a link on the school website that provides students with access to ebooks and audio books via Sora Overdrive. 

Students can click on this link and access it with their current school log in details without having to enter the set-up code or selecting school.  Sora can also be accessed in a web browser at or by downloading the app from the Apple App or Google Play stores on a device. 

This is a shared platform along with other schools and libraries so, students may find that there is short waiting period in order to borrow some of the most popular titles.  If a book is placed on hold, please try and find another that is available whilst you are waiting, to ensure that you are reading regularly.   Don’t forget to make sure that any book that you are reading is within your ZPD, if you intend to quiz on it. 

A reminder that there are already links on the school website to ARBookfind (where you can search a book title to find the ZPD) and Accelerated Reader (you can take a quiz on a book you have read that is within your ZPD.)

You can filter a search for books in Sora by ATOS level (Book level)  which will bring up a list of books within that range. More books are in the process of being added to the system.  

If students have any difficulties or questions regarding the site, please can they contact the Librarian. If they experience any difficulties with AR, please contact your English teacher.

Have a look at these how to videos: