Dear Parents/ Guardians

Firstly please accept our apologies and those of Wisepay who last week launched a new app update with no consultation or prior warning.

Unfortunately this was also followed up by some misinformation which again they apologise for.

You can still access your child’s account in the normal manner via the link on the school website. This is found under Information > Useful links.

We would advise this course of action initially to establish your username and password are working correctly. You can also reset a password there if you have forgotten it.

If you then wish to use the app please uninstall the original one and follow any links provided to download the new one. We are assured by Wisepay that you can then login and proceed:

>> Logging into the app is exactly the same as the original one:-

>> 1 - organisation code (68671163)

>> 2 - user name

>> 3 - password

>> 4 - child's first name

>> 5 - child's last name

Should you have any issues we ask that you email and we will do our utmost to help. Please be patient as I am sure you can understand there have been a substantial number of queries as a result of this.

The user guide for the new Wisepay app is available here

Thank you and again, we are sorry for the disruption and inconvenience caused.

The Finance Team