Award-winning screenwriter and author Frank Cottrell-Boyce kicked off our school's annual Literary Festival by bringing his books to life for hundreds of our Year 8 students. 

This was a special event for World Book Day which is on Thursday 2nd March. Students were enthralled by Frank, who spoke about his childhood, achievements, his career, his passion for reading and his role as children’s author. He spoke about why reading for pleasure is so important and, what inspired him to write.  Students thoroughly enjoyed the interactive part of the talk.  They were engaged as he gave them a taste some of his writing from a selection of magnificent books, that have a significant impact on his readers.  

The talk was followed by two creative writing workshops, in which students were involved in creating short stories from the opening line “wouldn't it be great if . . .” 

Students' comments from the day were:

 “This workshop helped me think of creative ideas that I can write abou.t” 

“It was intriguing and encouraged me to

“I really liked all the tips he gave. It has inspired me to write more.” 

“The event was humorous, exciting and full of great advice.”

Our Literary Festival is running all week with students taking part in a range of literary based activities.