Great Sankey High School's year 7 football team achieved an extraordinary feat by becoming the first team from Warrington to win the PlayStation National Cup Final. In an exhilarating match held at West Bromwich Albion's ground, The Hawthorns, the team emerged victorious with a 2-1 triumph over Shenfield High School from Essex.

In a fantastic couple of weeks for the school as we maintained our Ofsted rating of a ‘good’ school, and the year 11 Rugby league team made history in winning the North West and National titles for an unprecedented third time in a row, the year 7 football team also managed to write their names into the history books.

The young athletes showcased their talent and determination, cheered on by hundreds of enthusiastic family members and schoolmates who filled the stands, creating an electric atmosphere. This remarkable achievement will forever be etched in the archives of the school's sporting history.

The Great Sankey team's journey to the final was characterized by an unbeaten run of nine matches, highlighting their exceptional skill and teamwork. In the build up to the big day, they received inspiring good luck messages from esteemed footballers, including Conor Coady, Chris Sutton, Kevin Campbell, Jamie Carragher, James Chester, Ravel Morrison, Owen Dale, and local hero Declan Walker, as well as Lioness star’s Alessia Russo, Mary Earps, Millie Turner and Rachel Williams. These messages undoubtedly motivated the boys to give their best on the grand stage.

During the game, Jack who was awarded the Player of the Match trophy played a pivotal role in putting Great Sankey in the lead with an incredible solo goal during the first half, while Shenfield managed to equalize in the second half. However, it was Daner with an audacious back-heel just minutes later that sealed the victory for the team, sparking jubilant celebrations among the players, coaching staff, and supporters.

The team's success was the result of countless hours of training, teamwork, and dedication. To make the most of their trip, the boys embarked on a journey southward on Monday, stopping at St George's Park, the FA's national football centre, for a tour and training session. They also had the opportunity to witness other cup final matches at The Hawthorns before retiring to their overnight hotel.

Manager Andrew McCann expressed his pride in the team's performance, highlighting their ability to respond swiftly to Shenfield's equalizer. He emphasized the significance of scoring within a minute of the opposition's goal, which ultimately shifted the momentum back in their favour. Managers Andrew McCann and James Edgar made strategic substitutions in the latter stages of the match to ensure victory, and he believed the team fully deserved the win. He praised their ability to deliver in crucial moments, “which often decides the outcome of significant games”.

As noted by McCann in his post-match interview, Great Sankey High School's year 7 football team hails from Warrington, a town with a rich Rugby League heritage. The team's historic achievement signifies a step toward changing the sporting landscape and promoting football in the community. McCann and Edgar, have been working diligently to foster footballing success, and their efforts have been rewarded with this incredible triumph.

The team's fan base played an integral role in their journey, demonstrating unwavering support from the traditionally rugby-oriented town. McCann acknowledged the immense contributions of the year 7 students, parents, carers, and family members who travelled to the final, ensuring an unforgettable day for the players. He expressed gratitude to everyone who made the journey, recognizing their indispensable role in the team's victory.

Great Sankey High School, the local community, and the entire town of Warrington stand united in pride and celebration of this historic win. The year 7 football team's success serves as a testament to their talent, resilience, and the unwavering support of those who believe in their abilities. This remarkable achievement will inspire future generations of footballers and solidify Great Sankey High School's legacy in the realm of school sports.

The only thing left for the undoubtedly exhausted PE department to do, is to pick who takes home the esteemed ‘Team of the year award’.

Congratulations boy’s incredible achievement!