In a proud moment for Great Sankey High School, we celebrate the continued success of one of our own, Theo, as he receives yet another call-up to represent Wales at international level. The 14-year-old midfielder, a standout talent since joining Blackburn Rovers in December 2022, is proving to be a force to be reckoned with on the football field.


Theo, who excels in both centre midfield and defensive positions, showcases the kind of versatility that makes him a valuable asset to any team. His dedication to his craft has earned him recognition not only within Blackburn Rovers but also on the national stage.


Drawing inspiration from football icons Jude Bellingham and Steven Gerrard, Theo’s playing style reflects a unique blend of skill, determination, and tactical intelligence. His ability to compete against strong opponents, including Spain, Poland, Iceland, and Northern Ireland, highlights the calibre of his talent and the resilience he brings to every match.


While Theo's success shines brightly on the international stage, his roots are firmly grounded here at Great Sankey High School. The school community takes pride in Theo's accomplishments, applauding his commitment to excellence both academically and athletically.


Back at Blackburn Rovers, Theo remains dedicated to honing his skills, participating in four weekly training sessions, and contributing to a weekly game. His consistent hard work has not only earned him multiple international call-ups but has also resulted in the creation of his own page on, a testament to his growing impact in the world of football.


As Theo Pitt prepares for his latest international adventure, Great Sankey High School wishes him the best of luck. His journey is an inspiration to aspiring young athletes within our school community, proving that with passion, dedication, and talent, dreams can become a reality. We eagerly anticipate watching Theo continue to shine, representing not only Wales and Blackburn Rovers but also the proud legacy of Great Sankey High School.