In the histories of Great Sankey High School, 2023 stands out as a year marked by extraordinary accomplishments, unwavering dedication, and a myriad of achievements across academic, athletic, and artistic realms. As the year unfolded, the school community witnessed a tapestry of triumphs, from securing a commendable 'good' grading from Ofsted to witnessing its sports teams excel on national and international stages. From welcoming acclaimed authors to celebrating historic victories on the football field, the year has been nothing short of spectacular for Great Sankey High School. Join us as we delve into the remarkable journey that defined this exceptional year of 2023.


Academic Excellence and Ofsted Recognition:

The year commenced with Great Sankey High School attaining a 'good' grading from Ofsted, acknowledging the institution's commitment to academic excellence. The achievement reflects the continuous efforts of both students and faculty members.


Sports Triumphs on Multiple Fronts:

Throughout the year, the school's sports teams showcased exceptional prowess, achieving victories across various competitions. Notably, individual athletes made a significant impact by breaking into the international stage, bringing pride and recognition to Great Sankey High School.


Author Visit and Literary Inspiration:

In March, the school welcomed esteemed author Frank Cottrel-Boyce, who engaged with Year 8 students. His visit provided a unique opportunity for students to gain insights into his latest book and ignited a passion for literature, inspiring a new generation of avid readers. The same month witnessed a Science Week bake-off competition, fostering creativity and scientific curiosity among students. Additionally, students participated in the Tim Parry leadership development program, enhancing their leadership skills.


Individual Achievements in April:

April was marked by outstanding individual achievements. Doris received accolades for her exceptional performance in mathematics, showcasing the school's dedication to academic excellence. Meanwhile, Maisie's selection to represent the Northwest in rowing and Alex and Littie's representation of Team GB in gymnastics at Baku highlighted the diverse talents nurtured at Great Sankey. Hannah's historic win as the first female to receive the top air cadet award underscored the school's commitment to breaking barriers.


Sports Dominance in May:

May was a month of sports dominance, with the Year 11 rugby team securing yet another double victory. The school's commitment to sportsmanship was further demonstrated by the success of the Year 7 football team, which made history by winning the PlayStation National Cup final at the Hawthorne stadium, a first for Warrington. Additionally, a remarkable bake-off competition showcased the culinary talents of the school community.


June Highlights:

June celebrated the winners of the Mat Factor competition, where Lily, Esther, Alexia, and Miley took home top prizes, highlighting the diverse talents of the student body. Furthermore, the Year 9 rugby team emerged as Northwest champions, adding another accolade to the school's impressive list of sporting achievements.


July Celebrations:

July was a month of celebrations, starting with a prestigious high school awards ceremony that acknowledged and applauded the myriad achievements of students. The announcement of the Junior Leadership Team, with Tom and Shanthi as head pupils and Kirsty and Isabelle as deputy leaders, showcased the commitment of the school to nurturing leadership skills. Great Sankey High School was honoured with the Artsmark Gold Award, recognizing its excellence in the arts. The Year 9 rugby team continued its success by triumphing in yet another final.


August Achievements:

As August unfolded, the school bid farewell to the Year 11 pupils, celebrating their outstanding results and accomplishments. The new school year began with the continuation of the school's commitment to excellence, with former pupil and chart-topping sensation Harlee visiting to inspire performing arts pupils.


October Successes:

October was marked by the resounding success of the open evening, which attracted significant interest and participation. Renowned artist Ian Murphy's visit to the visual arts department enriched students' exposure to the arts. The month also saw individual recognition for Ellie, who received a referees' award for best newcomer, reflecting the diverse talents within the student body.


November Celebrations:

November was a month of literary and athletic celebrations, with the commemoration of World Book Day and the eagerly awaited Sports Personality of the Year (SPOTY) awards.


December Triumphs:

The year concluded on a high note in December, with Theo making history by representing Wales in international football. Additionally, Chloe's recognition with the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship highlighted the school's commitment to nurturing STEM talents.


Farewells and Gratitude:

As the year draws to a close, Great Sankey High School would like express gratitude to staff members who will be leaving us, who have all made significant contributions to the school. Their hard work, dedication, and positive impact on students will be fondly remembered. With a special mention going to Mrs Wright who is retiring after 36 years at Great Sankey!  The school wishes them the very best in their future endeavours.

In summary, 2023 has been an extraordinary year for Great Sankey High School, marked by academic achievements, sports triumphs, literary inspirations, and the continual nurturing of diverse talents within its vibrant and accomplished student body.


Check out this photo gallery showing just some of the incredible memories from 2023.



Have an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Great Sankey High School.