On Friday, a group of excited students from Great Sankey High School attended a college taster day at Barrow Hall College. The event was a resounding success, providing students with an exciting glimpse into various courses while being supported by familiar staff members.


Students had the opportunity to explore new subjects such as criminology, where they delved into the complexities of crime and justice. The day also featured engaging hands-on activities, including science experiments that ignited their curiosity, and practical sessions on computer assembly and maintenance, which allowed them to build and dismantle computers. Photography workshops introduced students to the art of capturing moments and expressing creativity through images.


In addition to the diverse academic offerings, students were able to sample the college’s excellent facilities. They enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere of the café and social spaces, experienced the state-of-the-art lecture and drama theatre, and visited the well-equipped Learning Resource Centre (LRC). These facilities provided a comfortable and stimulating environment that complemented their learning experience.


One of Barrow Hall College's unique selling points is its smaller class sizes, which allow for more personalised teaching and greater interaction with tutors. During the taster day, students experienced this firsthand, receiving more individualised attention and support, which greatly enhanced their understanding and enjoyment of the subjects.


The feedback from both students and staff was overwhelmingly positive. Many pupils expressed how much they enjoyed the diverse range of subjects and the chance to learn in a dynamic, interactive environment. The hands-on experiences were particularly well-received, as they offered a break from traditional classroom learning and provided a deeper understanding of the subjects.


The behaviour of the Great Sankey High School students was exemplary throughout the day. Their enthusiasm and respectfulness were noted by all, making the event enjoyable and productive for everyone involved.


A special mention goes to the student leadership team from the current Year 12 students at Barrow Hall College, whose assistance was invaluable. This team, central to the success of the college, acted as guides and mentors, showcasing the college and its courses, and making the visitors feel welcome and supported. Their efforts played a significant role in the day's success and demonstrated the college's commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive community.


Overall, the college taster day was a fantastic experience, providing them with valuable insights into potential future studies and careers. The event highlighted the exciting educational opportunities available at Barrow Hall College and left students feeling inspired and eager for the next steps in their academic journeys.