We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious "Artsmark Gold" by Arts Council England. Artsmark inspires young people to create, experience and participate in extraordinary art and culture. Head of Performing Arts, Mrs Cosgrove, says "Artsmark continues to bring learning to life through arts and culture and we will continue to embed these experiences throughout our curriculum and extra curricular offer. We have a fully inclusive programme of extra curricular planned for September, both within Performing Arts and also Visual Arts. We are excited to welcome our new Year 7's and really hope to encourage and involve lots of new students into our arts family ethos."


Benefits to Pupils

  • Culture and creativity increases pupils’ confidence, critical and creative thinking, communication and literacy skills, improving attainment in core subjects like Maths and English.
  • Introduces the joys of creating and performing and experiencing art to young people who may not otherwise be exposed to it.
  • Helps encourage pupil voice and leadership skills.
  • Provides an engaging and accessible way into the curriculum for hard to reach or disadvantaged pupils.

Benefits to Our School

  • Artsmark schools gain access to practical teaching resources as well as networks of the country’s leading cultural organisations, helping them develop and strengthen their arts provision.
  • Recognise and celebrate our school’s strengths and get practical support for future ambitions for arts provision.
  • Provide strong evidence for how our school is meeting its spiritual, moral, social and cultural requirements.
  • Enable non-specialist teachers to be confident in teaching the arts and increase pupil and staff wellbeing.


A fantastic achievement for all involved. Congratulations!