The eagerly anticipated announcement of the student senior leadership team for the upcoming academic year has finally arrived. Following a highly competitive selection process, Tom has been awarded the prestigious position of Head Boy, while Shanthi has been chosen as Head Girl. Additionally, Kirsty and Isabelle have been appointed as Deputy Leaders. It was an impressive display of talent and dedication from all candidates who applied, and they should be commended for their remarkable efforts.

When asked about her motivation for applying for the role, Shanthi expressed her desire to foster change and create a more inclusive environment within the school community. She articulated, "I wanted to apply for this role so I could implement change and develop a more inclusive environment at school where everyone felt a sense of belonging to the school community." Shanthi's commitment to promoting diversity and understanding will undoubtedly contribute to a school atmosphere where all students feel valued and respected.

Thomas, sharing his vision for the role, emphasized the importance of giving a voice to the student body. He stated, "I believe that this job will entail public speaking on behalf of Great Sankey High School at events put on by the school to encourage students to join. I also believe this job will entail in-depth discussions with fellow members of the JLT and teachers on how we can make the school a better place for students." Thomas's dedication to representing his peers and engaging in constructive dialogue will undoubtedly shape positive changes within the school.


When asked about their aspirations for change within the school, Shanthi highlighted her intention to enhance students' sense of belonging by promoting awareness around diversity. By fostering a better understanding of one another, she aims to create an environment where every student feels valued and respected. Thomas, on the other hand, aims to strengthen the school's sense of community by organizing social events that provide opportunities for students to connect outside the confines of the classroom.

The school takes immense pride in all the students who participated in the selection process. The exceptional talent and enthusiasm displayed by each candidate were truly inspiring. The student senior leadership team, together with their fellow students, staff, and faculty, will work hand in hand to implement positive changes within our school community. Their commitment and dedication to making Great Sankey High School an even better place for all students are commendable.

As the new academic year approaches, the Great Sankey community eagerly anticipates the positive impact the student senior leadership team will have on the school. Through their passion, innovation, and collaborative efforts, they will undoubtedly pave the way for a more inclusive and thriving environment.