On Thursday evening, Great Sankey High School opened its doors to an enthusiastic audience of parents and potential pupils, transforming the school into a vibrant showcase of its academic and extracurricular offerings.

The evening commenced with speeches delivered by Mrs. Kane and Mrs. Wardle, unveiling the school's vision. Each speech was preceded by captivating performances from the school's talented performing arts students, who captivated the audience with their musical prowess. The student leadership team also took the stage, delivering a superb speech that underscored the remarkable qualities of the school's students.

The Science Department provided hands-on experiences, offering pupils the opportunity to see them dissect a pig's heart, handle insects, use Bunsen burners, and create holograms. The Maths Department engaged attendees with interactive games, including the innovative "Maths darts," combining mathematical skills with darts prowess.

In the Computing Department, students delved into the world of technology through activities like Scratch, Minecraft, and coding challenges. The Performing Arts Department showcased their dedication with continuous performances of scenes from plays they had been diligently working on.

Languages came alive with lively games exploring French and Spanish words, some even incorporating local delicacies. Food Technology provided a taste of their culinary expertise through food-based games, while the English Department sparked creativity with a find-the-character game, guiding pupils through the corridors in search of characters based on clues.

The Geography department, with inspiration from the legendary Sir David Attenborough, crafted engaging games that both pupils and parents thoroughly enjoyed. The PE Department hosted mini workouts, allowing attendees to experience a snippet of the fantastic physical education offered at Great Sankey.

History and Religious Studies immersed participants in diverse cultures through rooms adorned with different artefacts, creating an interactive learning experience. Throughout the evening, warm feedback poured in, praising the school's welcoming atmosphere and dedicated staff. Parents and pupils expressed gratitude for the outstanding support from current students, who generously volunteered their time to ensure the event's success.

"We had so much fun tonight, and we are grateful for the warm and welcoming staff. The students were fantastic, and it's evident that Great Sankey is a special place," remarked one parent. The school eagerly anticipates welcoming the many pupils who attended the event next September.